Spin Master Zoomer Kitty

Spin Master Zoomer Kitty Review

Star Rating: 4.3/5 4.5-star Rated on Amazon.com

The Spin Master Zoomer Kitty is no ordinary interactive toy kitty. Using True Vision Technology, Zoomer Kitty can actually track your movements and will follow your lead! With touch sensors in her face, head and ears, Zoomer Kitty knows when you are petting her, and will respond to your kindness. If you’re looking for a cuddle, Zoomer Kitty will be an affectionate pet, nuzzling in to you and purring with delight, while when you’re in the mood for a play, Zoomer Kitty will sing, dance and even perform tricks! Drive Zoomer Kitty crazy with her interactive Kitty Toy, or leave her be and watch her go off on her own adventures!

Spin Master Zoomer KittyWhat’s In The Box?

  • 1 Zoomer Kitty Midnight
  • 1 Kitty Toy
  • 1 Magical Wand
  • 1 USB Charging Cable (wall charger sold separately)
  • 1 Instruction Guide


  • 7.2 x 11.8 x 8.7 inches
  • Ages 5 – 10
  • USB charging cable included
  • Includes Zoomer Kitty toy
  • Eyes change color to indicate mood
  • Sings, dances, cuddles and plays

Is the Spin Master Zoomer Kitty Worth Buying?

Interactive toy pets are often bought as an alternative to the real thing, but few can actually capture the joy of playing with a pet. In this regard, Zoomer Kitty is somewhat ahead of the pack. The various modes of play are distinct, and Zoomer Kitty behaves noticeably differently depending on the type of interactions she recognizes. Cuddle mode, while not exactly furry and soft, offers children the feeling of reciprocation while Zoomer Kitty nuzzles into them. Meanwhile, play mode is a barrel of laughs, and Zoomer Kitty chases around the room, dancing, singing and even pouncing like a real cat. Of particular note is the fact that, if not being given attention, Zoomer Kitty will go off on her own. This is a nice lesson for children that, if left unattended, pets tend to wander off.

Zoomer Kitty charges via USB. There is a wall charger available, but it is sold separately. This is not an issue for most, but some buyers may be surprised if they haven’t researched the toy fully. The battery life per charging cycle is not great, but not terrible. Generally, Zoomer Kitty will work for around 30 minutes per charge. While this is plenty for most children, it does mean that parents need to monitor the use of Zoomer Kitty and try and charge it in between plays. Otherwise, your child will be left with a non-responsive kitty.

Customer Feedback:

The Good

Customers report that it charges quickly (no batteries required!) and a charge will last about 30 minutes. They also felt the toy was well made and durable with good articulation in the joints for good movement. Both kids and parents enjoyed playing with it and thought the sound quality was good, especially the purr. It is easy for children to learn how to operate the toy without reading the 12-page manual and it’s a good compromise for children who cannot have live pets due to allergies or other reasons.

The Bad

The biggest complaint that customers registered is that the toy can only operate for 30 minutes to an hour on a charge, so frequent breaks in play are required. The toy seems to be best suited for children 4 – 6. Older children seem to lose interest fairly quickly (a week or so).


All in all, Zoomer Kitty is one of the best interactive toy pets on the market today. She responds well to interaction, and has enough modes of play to keep children entertained. Keep her fully charged, and children will soon become enamored with their new pet.