Chalk Color Markers

Chalk Color Markers

Is it even possible for a child to have too many markers? We think not! That’s why the Chalk Color Liquid Chalk Markers made our list of top stocking stuffers. Just imagine the fun your little ones will have choosing among the 8 bold, vibrant colors of these artist quality liquid chalk pens! Each chalk color pen contains concentrated ink that will allow them to create consistent, bright, vivid pictures and messaging. The unique 5mm rounded tip provides fine lines without breaking down like chisel tip markers. Use on solid blackboards, whiteboards, dry erase, windows, glass, mirrors, and other non-porous surfaces. Ideal for home, business, or in the classroom.

ENVIRONMENT AND ALLERGY FRIENDLY: these markers are a great alternative to chalks because they are dust free, odor free, xylene free and non-toxic. These wet chalks are the perfect option for kids and those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

What’s In The Box?

Liquid Chalk MarkersAre the Chalk Color Markers Worth Buying?

The Chalk Color Liquid Chalk Markers will expand your child’s creative experience by allowing him or her to take their projects to new media like solid blackboards, whiteboards, mirrors, dry erase boards and other non-porous materials. They are probably best suited for older children who are ready to take their projects beyond paper and posterboard.

You SHOULD NOT use chalk markers on untreated, painted surfaces including chalkboard surfaces that are painted onto wood or a particle board backing. Always test your surface with water prior to use. IMPORTANT: Please test your surface with water prior to use to ensure that it is non porous. If the water is not able to be wiped away leaving the surface completely dry within a minute your surface may be porous and you should not use chalk markers.

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