Avengers: XPV Marvel-RC Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle

Star Rating: 4.4/5 4.5-star Rated on Amazon.com

Hulk power in your hands! The RC Hulk Smash lets you control the Hulk’s vehicle with smashes, flips, spins and wheelies! Go through obstacles or knock them over with Hulk’s swinging arms. With Hulk’s awesome power, he can flip over against walls and do high speed wheelie spins. You can even adjust the arms to 8 different positions for a variety of smashing actions. Tipping over won’t stop Hulk – he’ll smash his way back into driving position. Includes 10 Hulk phrases/sounds. Suitable for ages 4-9.

What’s In The Box

  • Hulk-RC-Smash-Vehicle
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    Marvel XPV Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle

  • Remote control


Hulk’s arms are constantly smashing to help propel the vehicle forward and to self-right when flipped over. You can even drive Hulk into a wall and he will flip around and keep going. Experience the full power of Hulk by doing a 2-wheeled tornado spin, and watch him go around and around with incredible speed! Adjusting his arms to one of eight different positions allows the user to play with Hulk Smash in even more ways.

  • Hulk power you control
  • Put the power of Hulk in your hands and watch him smash, flip and spin
  • Use the joystick to drive Hulk forward and to rotate/spin him, or push the red button to do a pre-programmed 10-second tornado spin

Is the Avengers: RC Hulk Smash Toy Worth Buying?


Parents reported that kids love the Avengers: Marvel RC Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle! The controls are easy for the kids to use and the toy is durable. The range on the remote is pretty long and the batteries last a long time.


Some buyers commented that the toy is loud, Hulk can’t hold a basketball as the commercial shows and that the toy goes in a straight line most of the time. A couple commented on the limited phrases the toy has, but it’s Hulk…what do you expect? A couple mentioned the cord that connects the remote control to the vehicle, but this appears to be a “test mode” feature for when you’re checking out the toy while it’s in the box before purchase. When unpacking the toy, the cord should be removed. Also a few thought the controls were cheaply made. The biggest complaint was a couple of parents thought the price was too high.


On the whole, kids love playing with this toy. It gives them a chance to smash and yell. What little boy could resist? Most adults report that the Smash Vehicle is detailed and realistic in design. Despite the noisiness and Hulk’s limited conversation, it makes a great gift, encourages imaginative play and is also good for collectors of Avengers items. Overall, it seems to be a good buy.