Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

Little Live Pets S3 Cleverkeet

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Little Live Pets CleverkeetLittle Live Pets S3 Cleverkeet is a lifelike parrot that will keep your child entertained with hours of dancing, singing, talking, and tricks. It’s a wonderful chance for you to give your child the gift of a pet without the hassles of pet ownership. The possibilities for imaginative and social play are endless. Cleverkeet is bound to bring joy, laughter, and some crazy parrot antics to your home. Just make sure you’re prepared for some raucous noise!


Cleverkeet, our adorable little parrot, records words and phrases up to 11 seconds long and repeats them back to you. Tell Cleverkeet you love him and he’ll love you right back! The parrot also makes a range of sounds like tweeting, whistling, and singing, and entertains with movements like bathing, dancing, flapping, and riding in its little cart. There are many fun accessories for Cleverkeet to play with too – the perch, swing, mirror, cart, and food bowl. The cage that comes with this package is perfect for taking Cleverkeet to a friend’s house or on vacation.

Is Cleverkeet Worth Buying?

This is the perfect gift for any child who longs for a pet. Parents who have purchased Cleverkeet say that the toy offers plenty of learning along the way.


• This toy opens up a world of storytelling and imagination. The Keet is very responsive to play, riding his cart, flapping in a bird bath, and chattering back as your child speaks.

• Kids love making up funny words and having Cleverkeet repeat them back. There will also be some incidental learning here as children improve vocal skills and extend their vocabulary. Be prepared for a few surprises and practical jokes.


This toy is not recommended for children under 3 years of age because the small parts can be a choking hazard. Teaching your children to keep their smaller toys away from their baby siblings is a great way to introduce responsibility.


From pirate adventures to pet-shop shenanigans, there are so many imaginative possibilities with this toy. The Cleverkeet is also perfect in homes where owning a live pet is not possible. In fact, Cleverkeet is far better than a real bird. There’s no cleaning up after it, it plays when your child wants to play, there’s no risk of rough children hurting it, and it will never peck!

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